As Financial Publishers, we generate content to build our subscriber lists and drive email traffic to high quality financial products and services.

FMM provides online advertising, marketing and publishing services to companies in the financial space.

Who We Serve
Independent investors, active traders and market followers

How We Serve Them
By delivering high quality DIY financial products such as newsletters, educational courses and advisories.

Because a well educated investor makes smarter decisions which leads to better performance, higher returns and more income.

Our Role
To build and expand our free subscriber base and continuously provide our valued members with the highest quality financial offers.

Key Statistics
17 Financial Brands / Publications
15 Email Databases (total subscribers 1,400,000)
Social Media Followers 16,000
Emails delivered per month, 38Million

Our typical clients:

  • Financial: Newsletters / Advisory / Education / Software
  • Trading and Day Trading: Newsletters / Advisory / Education / Software
  • Options: Newsletters / Advisory / Education / Software
  • FOREX: Newsletters / Advisory / Education / Software
  • Retirement: Newsletters / Advisory / Education / Software
  • Real Estate: Newsletters / Advisory / Education / Software
  • Gold / Silver Precious Metals: Newsletters / Advisory
  • IRA / 401K: Newsletters / Advisory /

If you have a financial product such as newsletter, advisory, software or education, and are looking to build awareness to generate leads or to drive sales, please contact us.

Our audience is your customer. Let us get your offer in front of them with a highly engaged email campaign.

Email traffic is delivered to our subscribers, to promote your product.

We offer the following:
Email Copy writing
CPC: Cost per click
CPL: Cost per lead
CPM: Cost per thousand
CPA : Cost per action (e.g. affiliate sale)
SCR: Single click registration

Low minimum commitment, quick turnaround.