At Financial Media Marketing, we specialize in empowering companies that provide funding for small businesses through our comprehensive email marketing services.

Leveraging our expertise and years of experience in digital outreach, we craft strategic and compelling email campaigns tailored specifically for your offer.

Our objective is to drive clients directly to your offer, web page, or form submission, specializing in top-of-the-funnel strategies that initiate engagement, allowing you to guide and nurture leads through the subsequent stages, and close the deal.

2 Programs to better serve our clients (Flat montly fee and rev share)

Reengagement caters to clients who bring their own data, whether it’s unattended leads, missed opportunities, or unclosed deals.

This program operates on a flat monthly fee structured around the size of your data file, aiming to reengage and capitalize on these existing opportunities

New Prospect this service involves either leveraging our own data pool or sourcing a fresh data file.

Whether it’s harnessing our internal resources or tapping into new data, we remain focused on driving growth and conversions for your business.

This program is based on Rev Share arrangements.